"From the first page, llana Levitt draws the reader in with her poignant and insightful perspective of how family dynamics, particularly the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mother/daughter relationship, impact a career path and a fulfilled life.   It truly is a must read for anyone who needs guidance and helpful advice from an experienced professional."

-Judge Patricia DiMango, HOT BENCH, syndicated TV court program.

"What's Mom Still Got to do with It is an important book for any woman who is beginning a career, is unhappy in her work, is changing careers, or simply wants to know herself better, both in the workplace and in her life. Ms. Levitt knows whereof she speaks, having worked with her mother and many women on the mother & daughter relationship, as well as being a career counselor herself. Putting the not so obvious 2 + 2 together (mothers + careers) gives all women a chance to stand up in their own truth, letting go of old messages (conscious and unconscious) that still define them, even in the workplace. And for the generations of women who are in the workforce now, this promise of being freed from limiting messages is a promise of better work outcomes and better all around mental health. It's also a great "how to" book, with tips that will serve you well, no matter which daughter type you might be. Thank you Ilana, for carrying forward the important work of learning to be fully adult women, fully equal adults with our mothers and adult daughters and fully capable members of the work world!"

-Dr. Dorothy Firmanco-author with her mother of Daughters & Mothers: Making it Work and other books including: Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul.; Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors share their Stories of Near Death and Hope for a New Life;  and most recently: Engaging Life: Living Well with Chronic Illness.

"All women will find many gems of insights within these pages. Drawing on years of practical application, this book contains a unique perspective never before addressed: how our relationships with our mothers affect our career choices. If you want to make life and career decisions with more intention, definitely add this to your list of key resources!"

-Carol Vecchio, Life Design & Career Counselor and author of The Time Between Dreams.

"As a mindfulness coach who works with executive women, I have seen firsthand how women view themselves through the eyes of their mothers. Left unchecked, these patterns can persist throughout one's career.  What's Mom Still Got to Do With It challenges us to pay attention to how we show up at work without assigning blame or judgement.   Ilana draws on decades of career counseling to provide knowledgeable insight and practical tips, wrapped in a warm hug.  I love this book and am going to keep plenty of copies on hand to give to my clients."

-Tracy L Fink, Executive Women’s Leadership and Mindfulness Coach.

“I love this book and this topic! What’s Mom Still Got To Do With It is instantly engaging and bursting with vivid, relatable descriptions of women and their career challenges. Ilana offers practical, concrete steps to career change and professional growth. Every mother and adult daughter will benefit from this developmental, introspective, and unique path to self-discovery, career choice and success.”

-Dr. Lauren Saler, Psy.D, New York-based Clinical Psychologist.