Most women don’t realize that their relationships with their moms affect their careers. You may be one of them. Are you unhappy at work? Do you wonder why you didn’t get that promotion? Or why your relationships with your boss, coworkers and colleagues are difficult? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions or find yourself thinking about your career choices in general, this book is for you! Your relationship with your mother might be the last thing on your mind as a major contributing factor to your career woes. It shouldn’t be. Exploring this connection can potentially unlock the mystery to the patterns and choices you make throughout your career.

The mother-daughter relationship is so intense, it can propel women forward or unconsciously hold them back.

Read all about it! Find out if you’re an Ivy, Maverick, Butterfly, Copycat or Bootstrap and learn how this can breathe new life into your career!  

Knowledge is power. By better understanding your mother-daughter relationship and following the meaningful tips and solutions in the book, you’ll have renewed energy at work. Your productivity will increase and you’ll be open towards more opportunities for success. As an added bonus, you might even gain greater respect for your mother’s journey and improve your relationship with her!