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Institute For Challenging Disorganization

Mother Daughter Dynamics in the Chronically Disorganized Environment

The mother/daughter relationship is so primal, intense and complex, that it can drive a person to his/her line of work, dictate how he/she manages their home environment, and influence the types of relationships they form.

In this workshop, Ilana will present her model that she developed for her newly released book, What’s Mom Still Got to Do With it? and explore areas that significantly impact people’s lives.

Even though the family influence is deep and unconscious, the solution does not have to be. Organizers can use this framework to help instill hope and confidence for success by using strengths-­based tools to reinforce healthy/positive messages and challenge difficult family stories and past experiences.

  • Gain deeper understanding and insight into patterns and choices clients make due to the profound impact parents have had on their lives

  • Explore ‘inherited trauma’ related to money, time, role modeling, and other historical events in an experiential format

  • Acquire practical tips and relevant solutions for clients to address indecision, challenges, and blocks to advancement

  • Learn about easy to use strengths--based resources that can give clients HOPE as well as guiding the retelling of their internal negative stories